The Studio
(previously the computer room)


Since the room has changed its purpose, some might be unaware of how it is currently being used.

The room is now called “The Studio” and houses a range of interesting equipment.  These include our new 3D printer which links with the 3D scanners installed in 2016. Recently we hosted a number of schools who are joining us in the development of a 3D project which is being led in our school by Mr Lamshed.  It focusses very much on problem solving, reasoning and creating.  These are considered to be crucial life skills in our ever changing society.

The room is now a space designated for working with a range of technologies.  This includes coding, using microscopes, problem solving, designing in 3D, working with both specialist teachers and class teachers on projects etc. Ms Gregory is leading that as one of our specialist teachers in that area.

Painted on several walls are green and blue screens to allow for creation of quite sophisticated movie effects.  The projector and large screen give a fantastic visual playback opportunity for students to view their work. Spheros and BeeBots along with Robotics are kept for teachers to use as well when designing coding activities.  Computers still feature in the room where students can use Garage Band and Movie Maker to add to their work.

It has also been recently used for the “Student Voice in Learning” training that is building on what happened in 2016. Ms Natar, Ms Gregory and Ms Luke are leading that innovative strategy and we are working with 8 other schools in our local Marion Coast Partnership.  You will hear much more about that as the year progresses.

If you happen to be in the area, you are welcome to pop in and have a look at the revitalised learning area. I have only listed a few of the creative ways that this room now adds to the learning of every student from Reception through to Year 7.

Steve Freeman