We have started the year with a focus on ‘sorting’ in Mathematics.  The reason is two fold: the Reception children can become more familiar with exploring Mathematics equipment as well as develop the understanding that objects can be grouped based on their characteristics.  This is one of the Mathematics achievement standards within the Australian Curriculum for Reception students.  The children sorted shells, buttons, connecting people, shapes, seeds and counters and against their own criteria egs. size (big medium small) shape (circles, triangles, squares) type (sea stars, crabs, seahorses) texture (bumpy, smooth) and colour (black, orange, green).  The children are encouraged to look closely with their eyes to see what similarities and differences they can notice.  Questions for problem solving include:  Do you include broken ones in the groups?  Can you sort a group again (resort)? What group name do we give to buttons with no holes? Ways children can sort at home …

  • Can they help you sort the washing?
  • Can they sort their toys before packing away?
  • Can they sort the cutlery as it comes out of the dishwasher?