Our final plea to families to donate to the Heart Foundation.  We only ask for this donation every three years and we all know the importance of having a healthy heart. We all have been affected by someone who has had a heart attack, stroke or heart health problems.  One story here talks of a child, Ella, born with half a heart and her fight to survive and live a quality life.  Your donation goes towards helping children and adults such as Ella.

As additional incentives:

  1. If the school can raise $3 000 or if 300 students can donate money to the Heart Foundation, Mr Z and Mr Brown will do a Tu Tu dance! They will dance at this week’s Assembly. Now that’s worth a donation!!

2.  All students that raise $5.00 or more, go into our special prize draw at this Wednesday’s Assembly at 10am.

Let’s give to this valuable cause!

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