img_9153All who attended our Festival of Music performance last Sunday at the Festival Theatre were so impressed by the outstanding presentation. Congratulations to our choir members who sustained the effort  to develop their skills and abilities. Consequently they were able to contribute well to this high quality performance. We also congratulate Barb Williams on her tremendous efforts to organise, mentor and lead the choir.  Thanks also to Julie Bennett our accompanist for her great support.

Below is an account from Barb  and comments from choir members.

Woodend Primary School participated again this year in the Public Schools Music Society Festival of Music, a South Australian Icon. This was the 121st series in its 125 year history, that began in 1891.

During the year, year 5, 6, & 7 students are invited to join the choir and rehearse during Thursday afternoons, commencing partway through lunch time. The rehearsals consist of vocal techniques, warm up exercises, choral singing, learning about music, pitch, rhythm, expression, part work and the meanings behind the carefully considered and varied repertoire for the performance. Choir rehearsals delve into many areas of our curriculum, social, cultural, historical as well as a large dose of Literacy and Mathematics. It is a great time for these like minded students to enjoy learning together and the team work developed in the group is very cohesive. Having a wonderful accompanist in Julie Bennett has meant that she and I could also demonstrate teamwork and friendship through music.

After Assessment Day and only two whole cast rehearsals, with our other schools, we made our way to the Festival Theatre on Sunday September 18th for our afternoon performance.

Very excited parents and students assembled at the Line 6 sign and proceeded into the backstage area of the theatre, looking wondrously at the photos of such people as Peter Usinov, Billy Connelly, Julie Antony and the many other performers, musicals and shows that had preceded them on this very stage.

The performance was magic, accompanied by assisting artists from Primary and High Schools.   One of three orchestras, which have also been rehearsing all year, one of three Troupe Groups, which provided dance and drama, along with the 450 choristers made for a stirring, and sometimes poignant, afternoon’s entertainment. A work commissioned solely for the Festival examined the topic of Sustainability and very ably gave a positive slant on what we, as individuals, can contribute to assist our Earth to flourish. This was presented through Dance, Narration, Singing, Instrumentation and great colour.

The students have all worked hard to attain the level required and it is a lesson to learn that excellence requires a positive attitude, repetition, hard work and dedication.

I thank the students and their families for another year during which I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing skills and confidence grow. I am sure they will recall this experience for many years to come.


Barb Williams

Choir Teacher


Comments from Students:


Jorja:    I really enjoyed learning the songs with my friends!


Kiana: I loved performing and doing the actions to the songs with all the schools and my friends!


Georgia: I really enjoyed learning the songs and going to the festival theatre!


Luke: Choir was good this year. Annoying that we didn’t get lunch play but worth it at the Festival Theatre.


Isabelle:   I have really enjoyed performing and learning the songs with my friends!


Tara: Even if I didn’t go to the Festival Theatre, because I wasn’t well, I hope that you sang beautifully and I hope you all had fun!


Nora: It was not fun missing out on lunch, but having earned yourself a lifetime’s experience at the Festival Theatre, it was worth it!!


Adele Czukli: `It was a big opportunity to come up on stage and perform in front of your parents. It is a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you to the people who helped make that night possible.’