Our new Woodend Canteen Winter Menu not only has a new look, it has become a seasonal menu!  You will find some changes to suit the cooler weather over these next 2 terms.  The changes to the menu are based on: improving nutrition, popular choices and availability. For example, potato nuggets have been replaced by wedges in the ‘Chicken Nugget’ and Farmyard Nest’ meals and Butter Chicken is no longer available.  We also have reintroduced ‘Special Lunch’ days with items linked to the season.  This term is a Baked Potato with 2 choices of filling!  Nutritious and tasty on a cold autumn/winter’s day.  We hope your child gets the opportunity to try one.
We trust that you will find this menu a welcome change, clear to read, and inviting so that your child can have the opportunity to try out our many choices at the canteen.  Remember that you now have the option of ordering and paying for lunches online using QKR – many families have found this a quick and easy way to organise lunches.
Special thanks to the Healthy Eating Canteen Committee for their time, energy and enthusiasm in critiquing the menu choices and for Kerri M for creatively designing the menu.