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Once again this year teachers from Years 1-5
have been engaged  Footsteps Dance Studios in a 5 week block of weekly dance lessons for students. Teachers intentions were to use this program as a multipurpose opportunity for students to be active but also to develop personal and social skills. We see these sessions as not just dance but also a wellbeing program designed to encourage active
, creative risk takers.  This meshes so well with our school priorities of being curious, creative, collaborating and showing empathy.

As a follow up to their Footsteps lessons, Yr 3/4 students in our class (Ginny Langton and Kelly Green) were asked to write with purpose, a ‘response’ about the program. They were expected to not just include an orientation and events, as in the case of writing a ‘recount’, but to also delve deeper into how they felt and what message for future sessions they would like to share.

Here is the Response written by Jess in Year 4.

“At Woodend Primary every Thursday for five weeks, Footsteps, a fun and energetic dance program, was held in the gym for Year one to five. We have been doing Footsteps because it helps us work together and keeps us active and energetic.

Each week we learnt a different dance and the instructors, Steph and Sarah, taught us to popular music. The students listened, watched, practised and performed.

I felt excited because I love Footsteps and their awesome dance moves. I learnt that if you don’t get a move, they will show you how to do it.

My recommendation is that Footsteps teaches every school in Adelaide their cool dance moves every year.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.16.49 pmOther responses included:-

“I learnt it was actually fun when I danced with a partner”


“I thought I was going to dance my legs off”

Students, who may have been reluctant in the past, took a risk and joined in.

It was an invaluable opportunity to gain confidence in a non- judgemental, high energy setting, supported by highly competent instructors and enthusiastic peers.

Ginny Langton