Every year as part of our Annual Report to the school community, we include information collected from parents about the organisation and running of the school. We gain this information from a survey of randomly selected parents. This has traditionally been a paper survey which we have asked to be returned to school. This year we are trialling using an online survey through Survey Monkey for this process. Selected parents should have already received an email link to the survey.

We use the information gathered through the survey to help us plan future directions and improvements for the school.

If you are one of the fortunate parents who have been selected for this year’s survey, we would appreciate it if you could complete the survey by the end of next week, Friday 18 March.

Once we have extracted the information from the selected group, we will open the survey up for other parents’ responses and will compare the two samples to see whether the traditional random sample is still an effective method of surveying our community.

The findings from the survey will be presented to the school community through the Annual Report which will be first available at the AGM on Wednesday 23 March.