We are looking forward to getting classes started with the Kitchen Garden Program next week.  Our specialists, Amanda and Monina are  conducting an information  session this Wednesday 10 Feb  at 9:00 am. We invite any parents who would like to find out more about the program to come along to the Kitchen (enter near our letterbox on Edward Beck Drive) at 9:00 am this  Wednesday.

We  love this program and look forward to  building on our strong foundations again this year.  Our review, conducted last year, highlighted just how much we valued this program and pointed to some areas which we believe will bring further improvements  and strong collaborative efforts between staff, students and volunteers.

The kitchen garden program allows children to try a wide variety  of foods including vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices.  We do use dairy products, eggs, different grains and cereals. We do not use meat.

If your child has a medical condition or food allergy that would not allow them to eat certain products we should have updated medical information about the diagnosis and specifically what they can’t eat.