We had a very positive response to our free movie night last Thursday evening.  Families could enjoy sitting in comfy chairs or bean bags tasting strawberry sorbet, Apricot with Cardamom Grissini sticks or popcorn and viewing the thought-provoking movie ‘That Sugar Film’. Winners of the raffles received freshly packed, nutritious filled lunch boxes. Many families watched Lisa Strawbridge, a Thermomix consultant prepare with ease, chilled sorbets for sampling. One key message that resonated from this film was that we need to critique foods that, despite being advertised as “healthy, low fat and few calories”, may contain large quantities of sugar and therefore are not the best choices for our health and our wellbeing.  We would particularly like to thank Lauren Stanley, the Parent Network and the Healthy Eating Committee for organising the evening and helping it to be a huge success.

Key messages to reinforce with your family:

  1. eat a greater proportion of fresh seasonal food.
  2. eat in moderation: excess of any food (e.g. juices) is not good 
  3. regular exercise helps the body metabolise more effectively
  4. get sufficient sleep to balance your body’s demand for more energy rich foods

Our Kitchen Garden program, our Health and Physical Education  curriculum, the Personal and Social Capabilties, all support a headset for informed decision making around eating well and being active.

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