As a lead up to our year6/7 trip to Canberra students from Ms Whelan and
Mr. Zampogna’s have been researching artists who have pieces of work on display in the National Art Gallery. One such artist we investigated was Jackson Pollock who painted Blue Poles! This created a great deal of controversy at the time! It also created a great deal of interest amongst our students. Why and how was it painted? What is the significance of the artwork and what does it symbolise? Why were only certain colours used by the artist? These were some of the questions students came up with as a result of shared conversations. Students were then given the opportunity to create their own version of Blue Poles. The final product is on display for viewing in the hallway next to the computer room. We are yet to put a price tag on our Blue Poles however all offers are welcome!  We have asked our students to make some comments below. We welcome your comments too.