The  mid year student reports have been sent home today.  They should really summarise what students, teachers and parents already know about learning  achievements, goals and support.  Our school Learning Plan is increasingly focussed on stretching students’ learning by not only developing their academic knowledge and skills but  most significantly  working on the development of  personal and social capabilities.

Consequently you will see that for your child  there may well  be goals or next steps for learning improvement that are about  managing impulses, being resilient, understanding relationships, making stronger decisions, working collaboratively, negotiating and resolving conflict.  Our teachers are working strongly as a  team to better understand  how to design more powerful learning  tasks that given students opportunities to work on improvement these skills.  We believe that the academic improvements we are striving to achieve will come with a strong  mix of personal and social development AND academic rigour.

The personal-and-social-capability from the Australian Curriculum gives a detailed  overview of the personal development elements we are working to develop.  Play is the Way  is one program we use across all classes to  support this learning.

Of course it is most beneficial for  all learners if  parents understand the learning goals and  use whatever opportunities they may be  able to orchestrate  at home and  in the community to creatively  and diplomatically work on them, together with their child, without it it all being too heavy and tiresome.

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