Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.17.23 pmWe thank Amanda Dawson for running the Cybersafety sessions (one for staff and one for parents) on 30 June. The feedback has been very  positive. The 40 parents who attended the evening session had many questions and  left with a better understanding  of how to be proactive so that our students may be supported in developing good judgement, safe practices and ethical behaviour. Thanks you to our Parent Network volunteers for organising the lovely nibbles.

Students  in Year 5-7 will attend a class session  with Amanda in week 1 of next term.

Our headset at school is about growing our capacity as a  learning community  so that we may  be better able to  wisely support our young learners.  We want students to be  confident, ethical, smart users of digital technology.  We see that the development of parents’  and  teachers’  knowledge of  what to look out for and how to  monitor and support  good practice in our young learners is vital.   This means  we must all be learners.

We know  that there are many who would love more information, who were unable to attend last Tuesday evening.  To this end we would like to  collect some  Cybersafety resources that people may explore to learn more.  Anyone like to create an engaging  blog page on this topic?  Don’t be shy… please let us know.

Here are a couple of  links that  we recommended  in a previous post:

An excellent resource to get you thinking is the Cybersmart website:  Cybersmart resources for parents

Another terrific site is :

Let us know of  any other resources you wish to recommend.