Cybersafety … What are your Questions? 

Help Your Children be CyberSmart… Come to the information session…   Put your questions (or comments) on this blog post or on our Facebook site…

The Woodend Parent Network would like to invite you to a parent information session + Q & A on cyber safety.

Tuesday June 30  7-9pm in the Woodend staffroom.
This is a free event, for parents (no children). Refreshments are included.

This cybersafety session is presented by Amanda Dawson from the South Australia Police. It focuses on safety considerations, legislation and the police reporting process.

We will discuss the implications for children when:

  • they become involved in bullying (both as a victim and an offender)

  •  inappropriate photos are sent/received/posted

  •  ‘grooming’ behaviours are present (online predators)

  •  reputation online is tarnished and how this affects future employment

  •  matters are reported to police and the juvenile justice system

The session will cater to the needs of parents, so parents will be encouraged to ask questions and seek advice about matters that are concerning them. The parent session is designed to complement the information that senior students will receive in their session (Week 1, Term 3). However, it is really important that parents become involved in their child’s internet safety behaviours from a much younger age, therefore we would like to encourage parents of children of all ages to attend.

This session is for parents only. To create a safe space to speak freely, without the need to censor concerns around young ears, we will ask that if you need to bring your school age children with you then let us know  so that we can organise  supervision for them in the atrium.

Please let us know your intention to attend this presentation by:

It will help us to have an idea of numbers attending. Please share this link with your Woodend parent friends!

We realize that not every parent will be able to attend but we do hope to get as many as possible – we know that this is a hot topic! We will aim to share information from the presentation with the parent community for those that cannot attend.

Some common questions asked at this presentation  include;

  • what is the best form of ‘monitoring’ for my children whilst they are online?
  • is there any way that I can check up on what my children are doing online?
  • what do I do if my child posts an inappropriate photo?
  • what signs should I look out for with the ‘grooming’ process?
  • how can I begin a conversation with my child about internet safety?

What questions do YOU have about cyber safety? What are your burning concerns? Do share them here!

We are keen for parents  and caregivers to take an active role in developing/ gathering useful resources for the benefit of all parents  and caregivers in our school community (and beyond).  If you have any good resources, weblinks etc post them  in one of our digital spaces so others may benefit.

An excellent resource to get you thinking is here:  Cybersmart resources for parents

Another is here:


Thank you & see you on 30 June!

Parent Network