In Thursday’s newsbrief we talked about our desire to tell our news as much as possible through our students’ contributions.  It’s great to have real purpose for writing and  we are hoping that some of that writing will also be in the form of feedback that students provide on any posts. We are also hoping that some of their posts will be  in video format.

The SRC blog will also grow into a space where students may post their ideas, goals and interests, including links to experts and big  ideas. Next term there should be some  big changes evident on that site.  If you go there now,  read some of the questions students have posed relating to this picture:Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 3.27.54 pm Please help your child post a question too.

The Library Blog will also grow into a space where we hope to see student reviews and recommendations on books they are reading.  We wish to inspire students to read widely and explore good literature and its themes, and the above strategy will support this.

In order for students to leave comments  on the these blogs, they will need parent help, as  not all students have an email address.  We will help students at school with the posting of their articles and videos.

Picture at the top of this article are  some of our Yr 4-7 students  at an SRC session talking about managing impulsivity.