Brian will be on Long Service Leave for the first three weeks of Term 2. Some of that time he will be sailing around the Whitsundays enjoying the sun and the sea. We wish him well on his holiday. Fay will be Principal during this time and Jane-Ann Natar has been appointed Deputy Principal for that time. Ali Law will be away for the first week in America, including New York. Lyn Klinkert will also be away the first week enjoying herself in Europe! Liz Armanas will be away for the first two weeks on leave.

Congratulations to Aimee Lipczyk who is getting married during the holidays. When school starts she will be Mrs Aparicio -we wish her well.

We welcome back Jo Cole after long service leave.

This term has been a difficult and sad time for John Brown, Jessica Ottewell and Dana Pentland who have lost close and precious family members. Our thoughts are with Lindy Podzuweit whose father is seriously ill.

Friday after school, staff had some fun with Aimee  and she was a very good sport about it!  We are sure her wedding outfit will be sensationally better than our efforts above!