We were successful in securing a $500 grant to use for implementing strategies for a proactive approach to bullying prevention and education. With the school providing additional funding we have secured Bully Zero to provide workshops for all students in year 1-year 6 and a parent information webinar.

The workshops and webinar will take place on Monday 30 October. Bully Zero’s wellbeing workshops aim to achieve a reduction in bullying and conflict, increased awareness, and improvements in overall mental health and wellbeing. They also aim to uplift and inspire students, promoting a positive growth mindset, providing students with strategies to overcome challenges.

Year 1 and 2 students will participate in the program Understanding Bullying. This program includes:

  • General overview of bullying – What bullying is and what bullying is not
  • Different types of bullying behaviour
  • Strategies to address bullying
  • The role of the Upstander
  • Empathy and respect
  • Help and support

Year 3-6 students will engage in the Thrive program, which includes:

  • What is resilience?
  • How to apply resilience
  • Emotional regulation and stress
  • Mastering the mind
  • Perception
  • Self esteem/self worth
  • Power of your choices
  • Goal setting and focus
  • Self reflection
  • Support network
  • Where to get help

Please see attached flyer for information about the parent webinar. There will be an opportunity for parents to meet and watch the webinar together at school. If you would like to take up this opportunity, please feel free to join us in the staff room. We will provide tea and coffee and a light supper.