We are the SVIL team at Woodend Primary School. SVIL represents “Student Voice in Learning”. We are in Years 3 – 6 and we applied for this job. Our important work is to teach other students what a “growth mindset” is, and how it can help us to learn in a bigger, deeper and harder way.

We also want students to know what it feels like to “struggle” with a task, when they are in the ‘Learning Pit”. We want to make sure students know how to stretch their thinking and how building upon their ideas and what they already know, is a successful way to think and to solve problems. Accepting challenge, embracing thinking and working together to solve problems, helps us to grow as learners. We observe students doing a Maths task and then provide them with feedback  to help them to build upon their learning. We encourage them to have a growth mindset, to accept “struggle” and use strategies to help them solve challenging problems.

We are training whole classes to be ‘observers’ of their class members and look for evidence of stretch thinking and a growth mindset

Emily, Jacqui, Alyssa, Stella, Ollie, Aiden, Alexis, Keira, Cleo and Sophie

SVIL team

Absent: Alyssa & Aiden