Thank you to all drivers who have been making an effort to follow the rules while using the roads around our school. We noticed a big improvement yesterday afternoon, resulting in the Kiss and Go operating smoothly, safely and much more quickly.

We have reminded students that they must wait near the furthest gate and not to get in cars at the back of the line of traffic as this is the safest option and helps to keep the Kiss and Go flowing smoothly.

If your child / children are not by the gate when you reach the front of the line, please move on and allow families to collect children who are there waiting. A lap of the block will have you back to the front of the line once your children arrive.

Many thanks to all who are mindful of safety and of others when using the Kiss and Go Zone.

Have a lovely long weekend and we look forward to safe and efficient drop off and pick up for the rest of the year.

School Children Crossing Sign