Orders Close: Wednesday 9 August

Head to the QKR app to view the full range of products; 16 items are available to purchase.

Place as many orders as you like on QKR… order for friends, family, co-workers.

NOTE: No cash sales.

Order Collection: Friday 18 August

Orders will be distributed to students in their classrooms.

If a student is away/unable to collect order please arrange for someone to drop in to pick up your order (after midday) or another student/parent to collect it on your behalf.

NOTE: There is no storage to keep orders at the school over the weekend.

FUNDRAISING PRIZE for family with highest sales!

Prize, supplied by Kytons, is a large bucket of chocolate chip cookies and a pair of Larry Lamington Socks.

Funds raised will go towards a shade sail for the new middle playground.

This fundraiser is organised by Parent Network Volunteers. Thank you for your support!