Last Wednesday some of the students from Wakakirri and Senior Choir were given the opportunity to attend Frozen the Musical at the Adelaide Festival Theatre. Since these students are involved in extra-curricular performing arts programs, they were invited to experience a production on a magnificent and professional scale.

The excitement grew as we entered the Festival Theatre foyer. Many students eager to see the show and some purchasing programs as a keepsake. As we were waiting, we saw Cosi from South Aussie with Cosi, and the students were elated to be able to meet him and film a short segment for his TV show. We’re not sure what was more exciting for the students, to meet Cosi or to see the show! Hopefully, the students will become brief TV stars on Sunday the 10th July at 5.30pm on channel 7.

Once we entered the auditorium the students found their seats and anxiously waited for the show to begin. The costumes, choreography, sets and talented performers did not disappoint with many students dazzled by the incredible performance.

Thank you to our lovely parent volunteers who gave up their day to come to the theatre with us. We certainly all had a magical time.


“My favourite part was the music, it was funny and it made me happy.” Leah

“My favourite part of Frozen was when we saw Cosi and now we are going to be on TV on the 10th of July!” Abrielle

“I loved it when Elsa changed her dress into her ice dress.” Amy

“I liked it when Elsa stomped on the ground and the floor turned blue.” Charlotte

“There was heaps of different characters. Anna was fabulous! Elsa changed clothes, it was so cool!” Kadie

“When the show started the kids that played Anna and Elsa were so cute and so talented.” Jessica

“Frozen the musical was great! We met Cosi. Their voices were incredible and the acting. The theatre was also very nice.” Lacey

“At Frozen the Musical there was a beautiful snow scene but it was confetti. Anna was so funny!” Bella


Kellie Najjar and Regi Crook