Over the next few weeks Autism SA are offering some evidence-informed workshops which will help you support your child. 

Upcoming workshops include:

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School Holiday Tips from the Autism SA Training Team

School holidays are coming up, for some this is a great relief and time of happiness and chill time, for others school holidays can be difficult as the routines, structure and predictable nature of school days are turned upside down! If your child has trouble with adjusting to school holidays routines and then back into school once the new term starts, try these few tips:
  • Keep wake up and bedtimes the same during holidays as they would be during term time
  • Visit the school for plays in the yard etc to keep your child familiar with the school environment
  • Have a calendar that clearly shows how many days until school returns
  • Create a social script that covers school holidays and return to school
  • Set up an activity board- this helps direct their free time and supports making choices about what they can do while at home
For more useful tips, come along to an upcoming workshop!