There has been a considerable interest in Auskick at Woodend this year!  The program commences this Thursday 31st March at 3:15pm on the Woodend School Oval and it goes for six weeks – three weeks this term and the first three weeks of Term 2.  Auskick is for those students who have registered from Reception to Year 2.

There are over 50 students registered to participate and this is very encouraging. From a practical perspective and getting the children organised to attend on time, we suggest the following:

  • your child can remain in their school uniform so no need to change
  • your child can bring their change of clothes and will be given time to change before the end of the day.  Teachers will allow this time for changing

Your child will then be able to get up to the oval independently to meet you and/or the Auskick coordinator. We appreciate if you could encourage your child to be independent as this will help us to prevent large numbers of parents coming onto school grounds to collect children for changing. We thank you for your understanding.

Hoping your child enjoys the program!