WPS Governing Council would like to acknowledge the amazing work of our canteen staff: Karen, Sindy, and Jess as well as our regular canteen volunteers.
Our school canteen has remained open through 2 years of disruption, ongoing restrictions, food supply shortages, and staff/volunteer shortages. It’s remarkable and we are so grateful for the hard work that goes into running the canteen.
We are very lucky to have a canteen that is run by school staff and is open 5 days a week for recess and lunch. Did you know? Many school canteens are now outsourced and/or only open part of the week, or have been shut entirely! So we are indeed incredibly lucky at Woodend and it is the aim of Governing Council to continue to support our school run canteen.
Currently our canteen is running on a limited menu. This is due to food supply issues/shortages, covid restrictions that limit the number of volunteers in the space, and the capibility of the canteen to stay open if staff are unable to come to school.
The limited menu allows the canteen to stay open for both lunch orders and over the counter sales. (Last year canteen elected to keep a larger menu but close the counter. This year, we are trying it a different way!)
A few things to note about our canteen:
  • Lunch order menu items will slowly be added to QKR as the capacity of the canteen increases and as food stock becomes available.


  • Vegan and gluten free items are available, and will continue to be added to the menu as well. Your purchase of these items shows the canteen they are in demand!


  • A number of items are available at the counter such as: mousse, ice cream sandwiches, muffins, fruit nuggets, and garlic bread.


  • Over the counter and lunch order items do shift throughout the year as the weather changes.



  • A special “Show Day Donut” sale will be coming soon, including gluten free options! Stay tuned for that!


  • When the canteen is able to have and in need of more volunteers a notice will be shared with families. We thank volunteers for their support!



  • The canteen would like to remind parents to check that your child(ren)’s class numbers are correct on QKR as a number of orders have been sent to the wrong classrooms.
We thank parents for your patience as the canteen works to the best of its capability within the ongoing limitations of the current time. And we thank all parents who support the canteen… your lunch orders and pocket money ensure we stay open!
WPS Governing Council