Parents/carers of Reception children will have received an email detailing the alternative arrangements for Building Connections Conversations (BCC) in Week 1(Monday 31/1 – Friday 4/1/22). The conversations continue as scheduled in the form of a Zoom or phone call.

On Thursday 27/1, parents should have received a survey to submit their preferred choice and if a Zoom call has been requested, parents are to check their email to receive the link for the Zoom meeting. The classroom teacher will call or Zoom the parent/s at their scheduled time.

If you have not received your email on Thursday, please contact the school and let us know.

Reminder: all Reception children go home at 12.30pm during Week 1 (Wednesday 31/1, Thursday 1/2 and Friday 2/2/22) so that these BCC’s can take place.

If you have any questions, please contact the school.