Roger Yazbek’s main research field is the development of new breath analysis tests for cancer, gastrointestinal function and dietary monitoring. He collects human breath samples and measures the different gasses that make up the breath and tries to relate that breath signal to human health and disease.

Last Friday 15th October, Roger spent the morning working with students from Rooms 1, 2, 9 and 10. He talked about his field, he ran a process where different groups of students could discover/research a specific part of digestion (chewing & swallowing; stomach; small intestine; colon and waste) and then they explained their findings to each other.  Roger showed a demonstration of digestion with some bread and water at the end of the session.  This was intriguing to some and alarming to other students.

We also had the pleasure of showing local MP,  David Speirs, our STEAM Expo on Friday.  David was in awe of what students had been investigating linked to STEAM and the involvement of families in investigating an element of STEAM.  Trott Park Kindergarten toured in and out of classes to view STEAM projects / investigations and enjoyed mingling with students across R-7.