PLEASE NOTE: Marion Council have adjusted the NO PARKING times at the Kiss & GO zone. The afternoon NO PARKING times are now 2:30pm – 3:30pm, Monday – Friday.

This change is to prevent the back up of parked/waiting cars in the zone, across the crossing, and down Edward Beck before the afternoon school bell even rang.

REMINDER: Please do not park/wait in the Kiss & Go Zone during this No Parking timeframe as you may get a ticket from Marion Council.

Your car should not be in this zone for longer than 2 minutes so please arrive at the zone sometime after the 3:05 bell rings when children are actually waiting.

If there are no spaces, please circle the block and try again; please do not stop/block traffic on Edward Beck waiting to get into the zone.

Students are supervised at the Kiss & Go zone until 3:20 and most of the traffic seems to be clear by 3:15, so perhaps aim to come a little later rather than try to get into the zone right at 3:05.


Marion Council is planning to widen the footpath at the Kiss & GO area to improve safety. We don’t yet have a date for this but it is meant to occur in this financial year.


You will have noticed that we now have a “Koala” (Lighted) crossing at Young Street as well as Edward Beck Drive.

If you are driving, please be cautious as you drive through these streets and watch for our crossing monitors to put out their signs.

Please do not block the crossings and wait for a spot in the Kiss & Go zone.

If you are walking or parking please use the marked crossings; please do not cross at other points on these two streets… we are trying to set an example and a safe culture for ALL children and families at Woodend.


As always, please be mindful of our neighbors if you are parking near the school: do not block driveways and watch for no parking/no stopping zones.

If you are walking, parking, or driving in our area and see something of concern, please contact Marion Council. The free app “snap send solve” is an easy way to report a concern to the local council.

Thank you from Governing Council