We wish to remind parents and caregivers of the following hazard, originally issued in February 2017, that remains active:

Cords, drawstrings and toggles on hats and children’s clothing may become entrapped in small gaps found in play equipment causing strangulation, severe injury, lacerations to the throat and damage to the vocal cords.

The hats concerned are the broad-brim style with chin cords. To eliminate the risk of potential strangulation on playground equipment, these hats must not be worn to school.

Some clothing and department stores are selling hats with cords that are marketed for school use. To uphold the safety of students, those wearing this style of hat will be asked to remove it immediately and encouraged to play under the shelter nearest to their classroom. Parents/caregivers will be contacted as soon as possible.

Students can continue to wear the hat if the cord is removed. If needed, requests can be made in writing for teachers to remove cords at school.