Dear families,

Here we are at the close of day three of week one of our online learning program. It has been a very interesting three days and we have had to maintain a highly flexible approach as we have learnt a lot about the plusses and minuses of having an online learning platform. Today we have 40% of students working from home and that has remained very consistent throughout the week so far. Thank you to all  parents who are involved in the home-side of learning, successfully getting the work completed that teachers have planned.

Starting Secondary School

Enrolling for 2021 is now an online process.  A letter is being sent home to all year 7 families. Please make sure that you receive that letter this week.  Please note as well, the change regarding sibling rights at Brighton HS and Seaview HS. These rights do not exist anymore.

Also ensure that you follow the link that you are sent via email.  Read the documentation carefully and then, if you have any questions please contact the front office.

The cut-off date for enrolling is Friday 22 May (only just over 3 weeks from today).


If you are at home and wish to return library books, please leave them in the box placed in the front office.

There is no open borrowing available before school until further notice.

Online Learning Program

All schools are working in some manner within the on-line learning program format, which was prepared at the end of term 1.  At this stage there would be no schools operating with 100% attendance and a full face-to-face program. That however is our future goal.

As students return to school over the next few weeks, there will no doubt be some changes to how teachers manage the classroom in order to effectively facilitate the learning. Regardless, the online component will form the mainstay of what is taught both in the classroom and at home.

Week Two Learning Program

This will continue to be presented as an on-line program.  What we are finding that as we progress through this online format, and students (and parents) are having more experience with it, that there is a greater confidence in managing at home.  Teachers are able to respond to any questions or concerns via email or their platform (Seesaw or Google Classroom), as well as in many cases via phone call.  Thankyou for your ongoing support at this time.

Where to from now?

Each day provides us with greater confidence that we are managing the Covid-19 situation in South Australia, and hence further reducing the risk factor in our community and subsequently at schools. This will no doubt lead to more students returning to school over time. We will adjust what we are doing in relation to the teaching and learning program, as the numbers change.  I expect that some families who continue to be in the at risk category, will continue to keep children at home. We will provide a learning program for these children.

What we continue

We are continuing to work in essence as listed in the previous NewsBlog.  Please read that again if you are needing a refresher. Changes will be updated in future NewsBlogs as we get more information.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman