Amongst all the critical and creative STEAM related thinking happening in classes during day 3, we also hosted members of the Seaview High School Pedal Prix team and their teacher, Mr Joel Fitzgerald. They shared all the STEAM linked to their Pedal Prix subject ranging from car maintenance to determining minimum and maximum speeds per lap in their races. All Year 5 and interested Year 4 students engaged in fitness sessions, riding the car and asking questions about all aspects of  Pedal Prix. The day culminated with medal presentations to all the Woodend K-Pow team for their successful 2019 year and a recognition of all the parents who helped the program run so successfully.  This included Kat Hutton, Sammy Wright and Dave Briggs.

We thank Joel Fitzgerald and the Seaview High students for their time, passion and support for our Pedal Prix program and for STEAM Week.

If your child is interested in Pedal Prix for 2020, a flyer is available at the front office with more information or visit our website. We always welcome new riders.