Enjoyable, a growth mindset, caring, generous, flexible, high achievers, mature, respectful, fun

These are just some of the things our current year 6 students would  like people to be saying about them as a year 7 group as they graduate at the end of next year.

Steve Lacy from Leading Teams worked with all of our year 6 students this morning to start them thinking about leadership in terms of:

  • Influence
  • Relationship
  • Vision
  • Caring

Students were involved in a range of activities and conversations to explore what their trademark might be as they considered:

  • how they see themselves as a group of year 6s
  • the behaviours they currently do that stop them from being the kind of group they would like to be
  • the kind of leaders and influencers they would like to be as year 7s next year
  • what they would need to stop doing, start doing and keep doing in order to be the leaders they aspire to

We are looking forward to seeing these students develop into the leaders they aspire to be as they continue to work on their trademark in the new year.

Thanks to Steve and Pete Natar for organising the session for the students