As you may have heard in the news, the Australian Education Union (AEU) and State Government are in negotiations centred around the enterprise agreement that school staff work under. The current agreement has expired and a new agreement needs to be put in place which covers a range of conditions that affect staff, students and families including special education funding and class sizes. The AEU has called for strike action as they believe that negotiations have stalled. All union members across the state are currently voting either for or against strike action. If more than 50% of members across the state vote in favour of strike action, the strike will go ahead.

A final decision from the union will not be available until 48 hours before the proposed action. We will announce a decision about how it has effected our site at the same time.  At this stage we are unable to say what we will be doing. There is a possibility that our school may be closed for half a day on the morning of the 29th November, however, we are currently looking at our staffing for that day to see if we will be able to remain open.