This week we have had ten young and enthusiastic Korean initial teacher education students from Gyeongin National University visit our school to work-shadow teachers. This has been quite an experience for our eager students as well as for the Korean visitors.  Each of them are studying to be teachers and as a part of their studies, prepared a hands on lesson related to Korean culture, to share with some of the classes.


We welcomed; Minah Kang, Minseo Kwon, Chagrijn Kim, Hwabin Na, Eunjin Lee, Hanbyul Kim, Songhee Jung, Subeen Oh, Hyejee Kim, Jihyeon Baeg.

They were only here for the first week of the term, and then returned to South Korea to continue their academic work at one of the two top Universities close to the vibrant city of Seoul.

A special thank you to the teachers who invited them into their classrooms.  Unfortunately it was not possible for them to get into every room, however many children across the school R-7 benefitted from their visit.

Some South Korea Facts:

  • They have double Australia’s entire population living in just one tenth of the area of South Australia.
  • The country hosted the 1988 Olympic Games and is about to host them again in 2018.
  • There is a ‘Tour of Korea’, an annual professional road bicycle stage race as a part of the world wide cycling calendar. The course is 1500km long, making it the longest cycling competition in Asia.
  • When a baby is born in Korea, they are immediately considered 1 year old. Hence an 11 year old Korean child is equal in age to our 10 year olds.
  • English is taught as a required subject from year 3 in primary school.  It is considered by Koreans to be the ‘business’ language of the world.


Below are two photos of Mrs Oxenberry’s class learning about Traditional Korean Fans with Minseo Kwon.




Steve Freeman