We hope you have been able to stay safe and warm during the wild weather.  And we hope you all have a wonderful family break and that the real sunny spring weather greets you  soon.

It has been another full on term with so many things happening; particularly in the past few weeks.

img_9235This week students in Room 19 (Felicity Shevchenko) have been running the market stalls to sell products they  have developed through their Kidpreneur  project. The research and development of really good products was outstanding . Congratulations girls.

Students in  Room 1 (Barb Williams) have been designing and developing  a range  of  slippers with personality! Their impressive thinking and designs are on display today  in Room 1.  Classes from around the school will be visiting and will be really amazed  at how creative and ingenious these students have been.img_9267

img_9234Our assembly, hosted by  students from Room 11 (Ginny Langton and Kelly Green)  and Room 25  (Sara Guinean and Jane-Ann Natar)  highlighted the amazing number of fantastic things that happen at our school.  Here are some of the items:.

  • The Heart Foundation Fundraiser … Thank you all so much for your generosity … over $5000 was raised for the Heart Foundation students.  Mr Z and Mr Brown joined the ballet!
  • We have had  a wonderful video record of the camps that have taken place over the past two weeks. great work by teachers , ably supported by parent volunteers. Studentship a great time in the mud!
  •  16 seniors students reported on their amazing two weeks in Tokyo,  visiting Myojo Gakuen.   Their slide show will be on the blog soon.  Sarah Vinall coordinated the whole trip superbly.
  • img_9233Our science focus was fantastically promoted by the students from Rms 11 and 25. congratulations to them.
  • Mr Marshall talked about the Science Expo and our expectation that  students and parents all work on something to  exhibit on 21 October.  There are already  plenty  of interesting projects emerging. The Star Gazing Evening, also on 21 October will be an exciting opportunity to see the Rings of Saturn… tickets are  $5 … see the blog post  
  • We farewelled Sharon Gregory and presented her with a lovely memento: a book with a page from every class in the school.
  • When Heather, from the RSPCA. addressed the assembly to thank us  for the incredible generosity from our school community late last term, she has seen about half our assembly. She was gobsmacked by what she  saw and said how much she would have loved to be a student at our school… lots of us were thinking the same thing.

This week  Merry Whelan and Don Zampogna’s classes visited the  Art Gallery  and received this lovely compliment from the education officers.  This is feedback we have grown to expect,  and is the result of teachers deliberately and effectively preparing students for a focus on learning:

I just want to reiterate, what I told you on Monday, namely, what a wonderful tour I had with you all. I took, what I considered to be a risk with so many active children and began by asking you all to look, in silence, for 30 seconds, because “painting is silent poetry”.

And you did it! and then told me what you’d seen, and we went on from there , so that when we got to Cold Life you sat in rapt silence for more than 7 minutes.
I don’t know whether you noticed the members of the public, coming in and stopping in amazement, not at the beauty of the exhibits but at the rich silence of so many children. So thank you for sharing this experience with me and I hope you have some wonderful images forever in the furniture of your imaginations.
Come back and see us again!