On Wednesday of week 5, in Rooms 1 and 2 Murray from World of Maths set up lots of maths\science activities for all the year 4 and 5s to work on.

Murray first talked to us about how we use maths in everyday life, such as playing basketball requires knowledge of angles and aerodynamics to shoot the ball and jump. A fire escape activity was problem solving using weight. We talked about angles and how they work in security cameras.

In the activity called Greedy Blocks we had to use the trial and error strategy to analyse stages and get to the right answer. In the frog game, Let Me Pass, we had to find the least number of jumps to get all the frogs from one side to the other. Recording in a table let us see a pattern.

The Escape activity was where you try and escape out of plastic chains without taking your hands out of the loops. There were a couple of solutions to String Along where you had to place the tiles to make a continuous track from one side of the board to the other without going on the black tile. In King of the Road we had to go from town A to town B travelling on the roads only once and no more. In another activity we used our peripheral vision and found that most of us have peripheral vision range of about 180 degrees.

All up there were 17 different activities and we moved around from one to another.

We really enjoyed our hands on session and wished we had more time to work on the activities.

Skylah, Tayla,  Lilly J, Lily C, Ethan C, Ethan M, Lachie, Josh  and Zach B, from room 2.