On 4 September  our group of 16 senior students heads off  with Sarah Vinall, Brian Marshall and Vicki Gregory on a wonderful learning adventure.  For about two weeks they will experience life in Tokyo, attend school in Myojo Gakuen and be hosted by Myojo families.

These students have worked hard over the past months to prepare for this trip. This term they have been attending additional  language and cultural  sessions each Monday after school  (thank you Keiko Sensai for the wonderful extra support ).  In addition to understanding  about Japenase homes and schools.They are preparing to present a lesson in Japanese for their host classes and they are also preparing items to present for the farewell assembly at Myojo.

Sarah Vinall has superbly led the organisation for this trip.

How lucky are these students to be able have this amazing experience. They are pictured above with their yellow hats, which will help us easily stay together as a group, especially  in crowds, such as when we navigate the busiest train station in the world; Shinjuku.