My name is Lyn Klinkert and I have been a Relief and Contract Teacher at Woodend for 20 years. I have taught in the Library, The Arts, PE and been a class teacher from Receptions to Yr 7. This term I am lucky enough to have the Design and Technology role while Pru Riggs is on Long Service Leave.

This term I have only one Reception class. I have split our D&T lesson into two parts so that we can concentrate on fine motor skills like tracing and drawing in one lesson and then make something to take home in the second lesson. This term we have made paper bag, stick and paper plate puppets. We will be looking at moving puppets, sheep and material collage for the rest of the term.


There are four Year 2-4 classes doing D&T this semester. Our big project for these students is to Design a bedroom. We have broken the task into 4 parts. In the first week we needed to design the layout of the room and also create some wallpaper for the walls. Next we needed to collage with material to make a quilt for the bed and a pillow and curtains if time permitted. This week we will be making furniture for the room. Next week we will be putting the rooms together. Finally we will fill out an evaluation sheet to see how well we followed our original plan, how well we managed our time and what we would do differently next time. The last part of the term will be looking at movement on land, water and through the air.


There are also four Year 5-7 classes. The beginning part of the term we have been working on team building skills using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities. As a group they needed to develop a test to find out which is the strongest shape, build the tallest tower and build the strongest bridge using straws. This week they will need to work individually to make a newspaper chair for a toy bear. The last part of the term will be spent designing a room of their choice without me splitting the task into individual stages. Time management, use of materials for designing, planning and evaluating will all be important aspects of the task.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my role this term and look forward to my future challenges. Feel free to drop in to the Design and Tech room if you have any questions about our program. Empty flattened boxes, wool, material and useful bits and pieces are always welcome.

Lyn Klinkert