This term, students from Ms Lipczyk’s and Mr Lamshed & Ms Shevchenko’s classes have been working on a history project looking at migrant stories.

For the project, students needed to take on the identity of a person who has migrated to Australia. As this person, students created a collection of items to help them tell their story. In this collection they have items that remind them of home, some that remind you of why they left and some that represent their new lives and the challenges of moving to Australia.

The project required students to look at factors that have contributed to people migrating to Australia (for example economic migrants and political refugees) and also looked at identifying primary and secondary sources of information.

Our students have all presented their projects individually and this week, their work was presented in an ‘expo’ for other students to look at and give feedback on.

Student Comments:

I think that the expo was very good. It was great to have students from other classes ask questions about our work. It made us think harder about what we had learned. Toby, Room 19

Doing this project I have learned lots about migration and the reason that people decide to move from their home countries. At the expo, we had to be able to explain our learning to other people. This meant that we had to know what we were talking about really well. Marc, Room 25

Before we started this project, I didn’t understand the events that lead to migration, but now, I semi feel like a historian. After hearing that another teacher wants to borrow my memoir as a class novel, it’s inspired me to pursue writing. It could be a full out novel one day! I actually feel my character. I know my character inside out. I’ve lived my character’s story and emotions, which totally helped me understand World War Two better. Emily, Room 19

I really enjoyed being part of the expo and sharing the different presentations. Watching and listening to other peoples projects, I learned about a lot of different things instead of just what I was researching. Josh, Room 25