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What do some of our kids say about Easter?  We asked several classes  of Year 1,2 and 4 students:

… Jesus died. We have a cross on the buns because of the cross that Jesus died on. Everyone in the world has Easter*… The Easter Bunny is a boy.

*How do you help your children develop new understandings that help them change misconceptions?

What are some of the questions students had about Easter?

  • Does the Easter Bunny poo chocolate?
  • How high does the Easter Bunny jump?
  • Is the EB real?
  • Who came up with the idea of the Easter Bunny?
  • How did the chocolate eggs come into Easter?
  • Why does Easter change every year?

The last three questions are interesting because something more sophisticated is happening in the students’ thinking.  We wish to be encouraging children to ask questions and be giving them opportunities and skills to inquire …

What are your child’s questions? How are you encouraging their curiosity?