We are very  excited to launch this project.  There are exciting things about to happened and our  plans are looking  good. At the AGM students supported the presentation by Monina Gilbey and Jeremy Gramp, which gave an overview of the key elements  of the  project. We thank them all for their presentations.

This is a two year project. These elements will be placed around the  oval surrounds and their will be paths that allow trails to be followed around the complete oval surrounds.  This all sits behind the 30 metre  long wavy wall, timber gates and 130 metre long low, creeper covered cyclone fence, which will be constructed along our Edward Beck Drive boundary.  We will have a concept drawing of the wall, gates and fence  to share with you soon, after the next Grounds committee meeting on Tuesday 31 March. Our first Working Bees in the next few months, will  be  to  build the wall, gates and fence; with support from those with expertise.  More  on this later.   The elements of the project  are included in the accompanying  news item and will be on display on the Office Noticeboard later this week.

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