GREEN – Extraordinary Earth

We are far from ordinary

That’s what makes us extraordinary

We won’t stumble or fall down

We will go and win the crown

We are powerful, we are cheerful

And we will make you fear full.

Green, green we are mean and we are the best you’ve ever seen.

Extraordinary earth.

YELLOW – Lethal Lightning

We are lightning clap clap clap x3

Lethal lightning that’s our name

We’ll succeed in every game

We are fast we are strong

We are striking throughout each song

Watch us play, hear us shout

We will win without a doubt

Gooooooooo LIGHTNING!!!!!

BLUE – Wave Breakers

We are the wave breakers, calm and cool. We are going to rule the school. We will be the champions of today

Because that’s our breaking way.

Shift to the left, shift to the right.

Let’s go team

Fight, fight, fight.


RED – Furious Flames

Furious Flames that’s our name Sports Day champions that’s our aim

Let us tell you something great

We’re rough, tough, we’re hard to beat

When you’re around us you’ll feel our heat.

We’re on fire, we’re running hot

At the end we’ll be on top. GOOO FLAMESSSS!!