Yes the fencing is up. Just letting everyone who was wondering about the verandah outside Room 20,21,22 know … that this will also be fenced ASAP so that there is no danger of any student or child entering the site whilst the earthworks are happening. Thank you to the parent who alerted us to that.

Below is what was reported yesterday:

Young Street  Block Is No Longer Available For Parking FROM TODAY!

As reported last year, the development of the vacant block on the school’s southern boundary  and fronting Young St was due to start during the summer holidays.  We have been informed today that work on grading and building retaining walls is about to start, and consequently the site will be fenced off today.  Over the next couple of months, the earthworks will be completed.  All 11 blocks have already been sold!  Once building and construction is complete, there will be a path between the existing school buildings and the new development. This path will be from Young Street and will allow access to Woodend Children’s Centre and the school at the current entry point (castle and vegetable garden).