In 2023 all DfE schools appointed an Autism Inclusion Teacher. As part of this initiative staff have been working with ‘Positive Partnerships’ to build their skills and knowledge of autism.

We now have the opportunity for parents, carers and family members of students with autism to attend a FREE 2 day workshop, facilitated by Positive Partnerships. The workshop will be held in Marion (venue TBC) on the 14th and 15th of June, 2023.

Please follow this link to register –

Learn about:

Diversity of autism

  • examines parent’s knowledge of autism and how autism directly impacts their child at home and school
  • investigates a range of practical strategies to use at home and school to improve learning outcomes

Understanding Behaviour

  • examines the function/purpose of behaviours
  • recognises that understanding behaviour is the key to supporting children on the autism spectrum
  • explores tools and strategies for Positive Behaviour Support

Working Together

  • examines ways for parents to strengthen partnerships between home, school and community
  • increases awareness of support and services for families and how they can be accessed
  • explores ways parents can advocate more effectively for their child’s needs
  • helps parents develop a plan for moving forward

Understanding Sensory Processing:

  • Explores sensory processing and the unique differences individuals on the autism spectrum may have with processing information from their senses
  • Shares some strategies that can assist people to cope with sensory input and meet their sensory needs

If you require additional information or support to register, please contact