With the start of a new school year it is timely to remind our community of some important traffic messages that help keep our young people safe on our roads while travelling to and from school.

Much of this information is well known by families, however there are some changes including the closure of the gate at the top of the street (outside Room 1) in the morning to discourage cars from queing over the crossing and children exiting cars while they are still on the road. In the coming weeks we will also be rolling out an optional system for families to display their surnames on their dashboards to help with identifying cars at afternoon Kiss & Go.

We ask that all families take the time to acquaint, or reacquaint, themselves with the following information:

Using the Crossings

All drivers are reminded to take care while using the roads around our school. Our traffic monitors play an important role in keeping our young people safe while crossing the roads but have reported concerns about cars have driving through the crossings when the stop signs are up, due to inattention.

Crossing monitors look for a break in the traffic, blow the whistle and put the signs out. They then check that all cars have stopped. The rope barrier is removed, signalling to students and families that it is safe to cross. Please remind your children that they must wait and not cross until the whistle monitor has checked it is safe to do so.

Use of Crossing by Children and Adults 

We ask that all adults and children use the designated crossing areas on Young Street and/or Edward Beck Drive when crossing the road around our school. Legally it is stated that “a pedestrian must not cross a road within 20 metres of a crossing on the road, except at the crossing or another crossing”. Modelling safe behaviours is essential in developing safe practices by children.

Kiss & Go

Drop Off Procedure:

  • Parent or caregiver pulls to the front of the Kiss & Go zone.
  • Students exits the vehicle safely and moves along the footpath to the black pool gate. A student monitor will be on duty here to help open the gate if required.
  • Students enter the school via the gate at the western end of the basketball court. The gate nearest to Room 1 will remain closed.

Pick Up Procedure:

  • Students access the Kiss & Go waiting area via the gate at the western end of the zone.
  • Students to wait in the designated area behind the fence until their name is called or they see their parent or caregiver in the front half of the pick up line.
  • Students exit via the gate when their car has safely stopped in the pick up area.

* In the coming weeks all families will receive a card that can be used to display their child’s surname on the dash of their vehicle at pickup time. This will be an optional system that families can choose to use. More information about this will be provided when the cards are distributed to families. 

Access to the Street is via the gate at the western end of the Basketball Court (pictured above)

✅ Between 8:30am-9am and 2:30pm-3:30pm the Kiss & Go is a no parking area.

✅️ Drivers must remain with their cars at all time and stop for no longer than 2 minutes. Cars should be stopped just enough time for a child to enter or exit the car safely.

✅️ If your child is still learning to buckle or unbuckle their own seatbelt it is recommended you find a park.

✅️ You should not arrive to pick up your child until they are waiting in the pick up area. It is best to arrive from 3:10pm onwards. If your child is not at the gate for collection please drive around the block and try again.

✅️ The pick up area is supervised until all students have been collected. This is usually by 3:25pm. Before school a teacher is on duty in the street and oval area and a student monitor is on duty to support younger children with opening the latch on the gate. 

✅ At all times please pull forward to the front of the Pick Up Zone. Students should only enter and exit cars in the area near the entry/exit gate.