During Term 2, the year 5/6 Classes read “My Girragunji” by Meme McDonald and Boori Pryor for our novel study. We also focused on the Australian Indigenous artist, Bronwyn Bancroft to accompany our Indigenous focus. All students created amazing artwork which inspired this year’s memento. After consultation with our YELP (Young Environmental Leaders Program) group as part of SRC, it was decided to revamp a space in the garden and design a section where we could add native plants.

Our YELP group rediscovered and helped to rejuvenate a path ready for our memento.

Year 6 students had the design brief to create something inspired by the simple shapes, colours and patterns of Bronwyn Bancroft for the Kaurna area.
They came up with the following: Port Noarlunga Reef, Hallett Cove Boardwalk, Local Beaches, Mt Lofty Gardens, Local Birds, Native Blue Banded Bees and Mountains on the Horizon.

The students also wanted to brighten up the bike space behind room 1 so a simple design was created to remind people to ride to school when they can.

Well done year 6 students on creating a beautiful and bright addition to our garden space.
The plants will be added during their season to allow for optimal planting conditions.