Although Book Week may have officially drawn to a close at Woodend on Friday, it’s clear the celebrations are not over!

Story Quest was enjoyed by a number of our middle and upper primary classes today. In this wonderful performance, two brilliant characters transformed our gym into an interactive, entertaining, story telling session, which reflected the Bookweek theme of “Dreaming with eyes wide open”.

The characters set the scene, which took the students on a journey of imagination, roleplaying and literacy engagement. Students sang, clapped, acted, laughed and were thoroughly entertained for over an hour.

The performance featured three of the Book Week books, highlighting issues such as respect for Country, believing in yourself and celebrating difference.

Book Week encourages us to celebrate reading alongside Australian children’s authors and illustrators. As the literature hub of our school, the library hosted events in celebration of Book Week.

Students enjoyed socialising with each other as they decorated various designs of bookmarks to use in their favourite books. This was a popular activity from Reception right through to Year 6. The Library Committee students did a fabulous job running this activity with 60 students participating each day.

It was wonderful to have so many families join us in celebrating our annual Book Week parade last Friday.  Thank you for helping your child dress up so celebrate Book Week

For those who were unable to attend, we hope you enjoy this fun recording of the parade.

The ‘Chapters’ feature on YouTube allows you to jump between classes as required.