Dear families,

Next term during the first week of school, all students will be attending Bully Zero workshops. These will focus on understanding bullying and what to do about it. There is no cost to parents as this is fully funded by the school.

For parents/caregivers et al, please keep Wednesday 28th April (Week One of Term Two) free, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (School Gymnasium).

‘It Takes a Village’

On the Wednesday evening, as part of our school wide focus on Bullying, there will be an information session called ‘It Takes a Village”, which will cover a number of the things that are covered during the student workshops, as well as focusing on cyber bullying.  Cyber bullying is not something that we find is a big issue when we carry out Bully Audits, however we know that there is the potential for it to start very quickly and that it is quite an issue at many schools.

‘It Takes a Village’ for Parents is an important and timely information session, predominately about online activity and safety and has been very popular, given the current rise in online activity of late, particularly due to COVID-19. It gives parents an insight into the cyber world their children are living and the possible issues that could arise if not vigilant and careful. It looks at current online/social media trends and dangers, privacy, reporting and what parents can do to help reduce online risks and harm.

There is information about what bullying is and what bullying is not, strategies to address bullying and the role of the bystander, as well as the importance of empathy and respect.

Please keep an eye out for the booking process arrangements that will come home next week (prior to Easter). This will be the same system that we used for the recent parent interviews.

What is Bully Zero?

Bully Zero is an approved organisation that delivers evidence-based bullying prevention workshops to schools across Australia.

Bully Zero is endorsed as a Trusted eSafety Provider by the eSafety Commissioner.

The Trusted eSafety Provider Program is designed to give schools confidence that Bully Zero meets eSafety’s online safety education standards. Trusted eSafety Providers are endorsed by eSafety only after demonstrating capability, experience and evidence-based online safety content.

Kind regards,

Steve Freeman