Welcome to Visual Arts at Woodend.

This year Visual Arts will be taught by Miss Jess Ottewell and Mrs Rieko Woodley.

Visual Arts with Miss Jess Ottewell 

Visual Art lessons are a place where students will have the opportunity to explore and be creative while learning various techniques and art theories to enhance their creations and their understanding.

Students will learn what it means to be an ARTIST and will develop the skills to embrace challenges, to be brave and to take new risks to create art. Students will develop their growth mindset to take on these new challenges and to get through the learning pit. We will explore through different materials and mediums and will be inspired by artists around the world to create our own beautiful works of art.

I have been drawn to the arts in a variety of ways ever since I was little. I love creating and getting lost in the art form. My interest in visual arts led me to major in visual arts at university and to create art for family, friends and beyond. I am looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge with the students and can’t wait to see what the artists of Woodend will create in 2021.

Visual Arts with Mrs Rieko Woodley

Since I was a little child, I have loved being surrounded by arts.  Creating something colourful, drawing for hours, painting on rocks and making unusually shaped boxes…  My passion for arts didn’t stop after I grew up, and I explored looking at fine arts at so many museums and art galleries in Europe and other areas of the world.  My interest in arts went beyond ‘on paper’ to other forms of arts.

It will be truly fantastic to share my skills, experiences and passion with students at Woodend and for them to enjoy visual arts with me.  The students will be exposed to a variety of fields of art, craft and design, and will have opportunities to show their personal and global views through their artwork using visual arts knowledge, understanding and skills.  I have had visual arts lessons with some classes in the last 2 weeks, and I have already witnessed ‘creativity’, ‘joy’, ‘excitement’ and ‘willingness to have a go’ from the students.

I am looking forward to having lots of colours and happy faces in my classroom!