Meet our Teachers and other Parents and Caregivers 

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Covid-19 restrictions have made it very difficult for teachers and parents to become acquainted as children begin the year in their new classes and we look forward to having the opportunity on Acquaintance Night to meet with all families. Teachers have planned short sessions to communicate  information about curriculum, routines, expectations and organisational matters. Generally we also see Acquaintance Night as an opportunity for adults to meet each other and develop a sense of belonging to a new network of families. Unfortunately this is not possible to the same extent this year and we hope families are able to find alternate ways to meet other families and feel welcomed into our community.

In order to allow Acquaintance Night to go ahead this year in a way that enables us to comply with SA Health Covid-19 social distancing requirements, this will be a ticketed event. Parents / Caregivers are able to book into a session on “School Interviews“. The password required is: zjb2n.

Sessions are capped at 16 and will be limited to one parent per student unless negotiated with the classroom teacher prior to booking, to enable us to comply with social distancing requirements.  Each classroom will run two 15min sessions as timetabled below.

Acquaintance Night Meeting Times:

Session 1: 6.30 – 6.45pm

Session 2: 6.50 – 7.05pm

Years 3 – 4/5
Session 1: 6.50 – 7.05pm

Session 2: 7.10 – 7.25pm

Years 5/6 and 6/7
Session 1: 7.10 – 7.25pm

Session 2: 7.30 – 7.45pm

We know there will be some doubling up for some families; making it difficult to attend one or more of the scheduled meetings.  If this is the case for you, please be assured that teachers are happy to provide information about their vision for their learners, routines and expectations in printed format if required.

Please Note:

To reduce the number of people on site at any given time, we ask that wherever possible you keep your children at home unless they are presenting in their classroom and that you minimise the amount of time you are on site by leaving the school grounds as soon as your sessions are complete. This is not a time to discuss individual student’s needs. As always if you need to discuss any matter with your child’s teacher you are most welcome to make an appointment.

The Woodend Children Centre gate will be closed by security at 7:45pm however, the main gate will remain open until 8:00pm.

Specialist teachers and leadership team

Specialist Teachers will pre-record their information sessions and these will be available for families to view at their leisure through the Newsblog. Kitchen Garden specialists will also have an information session available on the Blog. The leadership team will be available in the atrium during the evening.

Please ensure social distancing and move promptly to the next class if you are attending more than one session.

Our teachers are looking forward to meeting you!