Hello to all Woodend Parents & Carers – welcome to another exciting year at our school!

I would like to invite you to attend the Woodend Primary School Annual General Meeting. The AGM is an opportunity to learn more about the work being done here at Woodend Primary School: both current initiatives and achievements, as well as future goals.

The AGM is fantastic opportunity to chat with the Principal, the Leadership Team, the Governing Council, and/or our School Committees as we offer light refreshments and are available for discussion after the presentation.

AGM Wednesday 1 April 6:30 pm in the Staff Room

I would also like to invite you and encourage you to join a School Committee. I believe that the strength of a school is determined by the strength of the parent community behind it, and that is absolutely true of Woodend. Our School Committees are responsible for so much of what happens around the school and our Parent Volunteers are so very appreciated.

Read on to learn a bit about each of the committees…

Governing Council

The role of the Governing Council is to involve the parent community in the governance of our school. This includes things such as: setting the broad direction & vision for our school; strategic planning for our school; determining school policies; and reviewing & approving our budget. The Governing Council is a committee comprised of parents, staff representatives, the principal, and school leadership.

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee is responsible for the improvement of our school Grounds. Responsibilities include Biodiversity & Natural Play spaces, any major grounds updates (such as the new cafe space), and supporting the Year 7 momento project. Grounds Committee is comprised of parents, school grounds keeping staff, and school leadership staff.

Healthy Eating Committee

The Healthy Eating Committee supports the running of our school canteen and is responsible for review and management of canteen finances, implementation of the Rite Bite strategy, management and organisation of special events and special lunch days, and overseeing the daily operations of the canteen. The Healthy Eating Committee includes Canteen Staff, canteen volunteers, parents, and school leadership staff.

Sports Committee

The responsibilities of the Sports Committee are to: promote school sport and provide all students with the opportunity to play a sport; set fees and arrange player registration; organize club coordinators and help them in their role of finding coaches and managers; provide information about training and development opportunities; prepare sport budget and purchase equipment; and actively promote codes of conduct. Sport Committee is comprised of school staff, leadership staff, parents, and all sports team coaches/managers/coordinators.

OSHC Committee

The OSHC Advisory Committee supports the running of our Out of School Hours Care facility and is responsible for reviewing and management of OSHC finances; overseeing the daily operations of the OSHC; development and implementation of OSHC policy; and implementation of quality standards. OSHC Committee is comprised of the OSHC director, OSHC staff, parents, and leadership staff.

All committees report back to Governing Council. Committee meetings are posted in the school calendar (found on the website and on team app). If you have any questions at all about School Committees please feel free to send me an email at wpsgoverningcouncil@gmail.com

I hope to meet you at the AGM and also encourage you to get involved in an area of the school that you are passionate about, interested in, or feel you can be of service. It is a wonderful way to feel more engaged in what is happening at Woodend.


Karen Gunton
Governing Council Chairperson