The Commonwealth Bank School Banking Program has been at Woodend since 2016.

Parent Network members initiated and organise this program as a service to Woodend Families and to help students learn about saving.

This program is run completely by parent volunteers who process the banking every Wednesday morning in the staff room.

This program raises money for our school!

From 2016-2019 school banking has raised $5131.66 for Woodend. This money will go towards the oval development project – in particular creating a new, safe path for students and families to walk/run/ride around the oval.

Your support of this program through 2020 will continue to raise money for the oval path… every dollar helps and we appreciate the families who participate.

It is very easy to participate in the School Banking program! Banking day is Wednesday – Your child simply brings in their banking envelope with any amount of money to deposit.

For every 10 deposits, your child will earn a prize!

If you have a new child at the school or would like to register an existing child please look out for the Parent Guide being sent home with every child over the coming weeks.

Alternatively please visit: commbank.com.au/banking/school-banking
You can register online or at any CommBank Branch.

A huge thank you to the parent volunteers who keep this program running, in particular Allison Till who has been the organiser of the program since 2016 as well as our long time regular volunteers Jess Simmons, Kerry Middleton, Simon Strudwick, Carolyn Trott.

If you are free on a Wednesday morning after school drop off, our volunteers would love your help to process the banking. Click here to join the banking volunteer team: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WPSschoolbanking/